Brandy is a gorgeous (and knows it) prima donna, and a very smart one…but she is so much more! Brandy’s middle name could be “Loyalty,” because she loves nothing better than to be with you, preferably with her head in your lap. Her adoration is total, and those soulful eyes get under your skin!

For all her royal airs, Brandy’s also a goof and loves rolling, especially in the snow. And car rides push all her happy buttons. Brandy also loves her crate (a/k/a throne room), although she’s housetrained and not destructive.  Brady does not get on furniture, even when invited, and she knows basic commands like “sit,” “heel,” “down,” “come,” “stand,” “wait” and more. What a girl!

Kids would be a new experience for Brandy, but she would be fine…and note that Brandy does not resource-guard, which attribute parents seek just in case a child might grab a bone or toy. Strangers? Brandy is friendly, but at times is a little afraid and needs reassurance. Dogs? Brandy is fine with dogs of all sizes, but she doesn’t “do” rough-housing, which is just as well, as body-slamming dogs can get too rowdy. Cats? Brandy wants them as snacks…and that’s not going to change. So if Brandy’s halo falls off when she sees a cat, her other virtues certainly make up for that!

Brandy would probably prefer a home that revolves around just her, but otherwise only needs adoring individuals who wake up each morning thinking how lucky they are that Brandy is in their lives!
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