Brogan is a happy lad, full of life and maybe a bit of mischief. Unphased by his recent stay at a local shelter (he had been a stray), Brogan is a seriously terrific dog. Brogan is quick at learning “commands” and is very easy-going.  Brogan is funny as well.  He waves a paw at you as a playful gesture, and he play-bows toys, although he doesn’t know how to play with them (yet). Brogan would fit into just about any family and should be fine with other dogs. He may be fine with cats, although most dogs need orientation to them via crate and a leash in the house initially. (Most dogs have chased outside cats and squirrels, so need guidance re their future indoor feline friends.)

“I learned how to sit and wait for a treat at my first show!”


Brogan and Dixon, full of treats and getting sleepy at a show.


To see Brogan on YouTube, click on the following link:

Brogan teaching good student Boz to play!

For more information on Brogan, or any of the other wonderful DAWG dogs, please submit an online application. There is no obligation. Once your application is received, a DAWG volunteer will contact you.