We understand Dixon was stuck between two fences, luckily spotted by a kind person who called animal control to get him out of there and to safety, which meant a local shelter. Dixon’s owner never found him or didn’t bother looking.

When people see Dixon at shows, they often double-take, because, well, Dixon’s shape is one-of-a-kind perfect.

Dixon is an angel of a dog with a loving temperament. Those soulful eyes of his stay in your thoughts. Whether Dixon is quietly looking at you or grinning ear-to-ear when he sees you, Dixon is all about people. Dixon is “ok” with dogs who don’t surprise him (true about most dogs), but would like to be the only dog in his future home, please.

Occasionally Dixon gets overwhelmed with too much going on around him, so we think a quiet home would suit his sensitive soul. And a fenced yard would be best.

Find out how quickly you are smitten by meeting Dixon in person at an upcoming adoption show! (Be sure to inquire first.)

To see Dixon on YouTube, click on the following link: https://youtu.be/7JUY6qV_aWw

Boy, did I have fun at my first adoption show!”


BFFs Sarah Jane and Dixon!


Brogan and Dixon, full of treats and getting sleepy at a show.


For more information on Dixon, or any of the other wonderful DAWG dogs, please submit an online application. There is no obligation. Once your application is received, a DAWG volunteer will contact you.