Dog shelter for homeless animals and people



All shelters are overloaded, and most euthanize dogs after a limited number of days, or immediately if full.  Don’t blame shelters! There are too many unwanted dogs — young and old, healthy and sick, small and large, purebred and mixed breed. The waste and betrayal of innocent, dependent lives is a disgrace, and impels those of us who care to act.

What can YOU do? 

When you support DAWG financially, you help us take dogs from shelters, care for them as they recover from illnesses and injuries, and give them time until the right adopter is found for each one.
DAWG has to be ready to pay for extraordinary as well as routine veterinarian care.  It costs $1,000 “off the top” to quarantine shelter dogs, who arrive sick with respiratory illnesses, and to provide basic vaccines, spaying/neutering, and whatever else our veterinarian discovers each dog needs.  
Ironically, while DAWG deliberately takes in shelter dogs no other rescue organization or the public chooses because of obvious medical needs or heart worms, often dogs who seem well enough at intake turn out to have undetected medical problems. Does DAWG return these dogs to the shelter because they “cost too much?”  NEVER.

Adoption fees are nominal and hardly make a “dent” in the overall cost of caring for DAWG dogs until adopted. 
 Only 2% of donated funds are spent on general/administrative expenses, and 0% is spent on fundraising. So 98% of donations literally “go to the DAWGS.” 

YOU give us the ability to say “Yes!” when the shelter calls in desperation.  Compassion is not enough; financial support gives life.  We can’t do it without you!


Please mail a check to Best Dawg Rescue, PO Box 34213, Bethesda, MD 20827.

Be sure to indicate if your donation is in honor of or memorializes a person or pet. Please include notification instructions!


DAWG is registered to accept online donations via, a secure web site that serves nonprofit organizations. Please have credit information handy, and click on DONATE ONLINE


Over the years, we have taken in dogs with severe medical needs including starvation, broken bones and jaws,  eye injuries, rotten teeth, heart worms  and other treatable maladies.  We need your help for acutely compromised dogs, so that we can preserve remaining funds for other new dogs. Ask us which dogs need a sponsor by writing to us at, and we’ll review choices with you…and keep you updated.

COOKIE was found tied and unconscious in a burning, abandoned home. We were horrified when Cookie’s skin peeled off a few days after we took her in. Thanks to our veterinarian’s and South Paws’ HBOT treatments, Cookie’s skin healed, and then she was adopted!

 donatepic1Best Dawg Rescue, Inc. (DAWG) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

DAWG is registered in GuideStar, the national database of nonprofit organizations.

 Best Dawg Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 34213
Bethesda, MD 20827
EIN #16-1659813

Your gift is tax-deductible, as specified by current tax law. 
Your donations make it possible for overlooked and medically-needy dogs to live the lives they deserve!

Thank you, from our former Jefferson and Ripley…for doing good!