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We think Jessie was used on a farm for breeding. Somehow she wandered away and was found in a field by animal control.  When her stray time at the shelter was up, Jessie became a DAWG dog.

Jessie is making up for lost time, now that she has learned about laps, regular meals and soft beds.  She has a happy personality and is “very beagle” regarding her love of food, inquisitive nose, and occasional stubbornness (“I don’t hear you!”).  Above all, Jessie is all about being cradled in your arms like a baby. Consider doing that as a reward, and she will be locked onto you.

We think Jessie should be the only pet in her future home.  She doesn’t like to share attention, but then, Jessie deserves 100% of it to make up for her past.

Jessie is ready to adore you…are you ready for Jessie?

For more information on Jessie, or any of the other wonderful DAWG dogs, please submit an online application. There is no obligation. Once your application is received, a DAWG volunteer will contact you.