We think we’ve pieced together Louis’ pre-DAWG story. Louis was probably owned by an older, single person who gave him up, perhaps due to a medical crisis. A rescue organization in another state took him in, then sent Louis to Maryland to live with a busy family. They did not teach him behavior expected of him, and Louis got into trouble by knocking over the youngest child. Louis also barked at visitors. He took guarding his family seriously! Unfortunately, the family packed his suitcase and sent Louis off to us, in “rescue” once again.

Louis’ social graces may need work, but he is sweet and funny. For example, Louis can stretch out like a frog, and he seems to know how to make people laugh, such as oinking as you rub his belly. When Louis is being affectionate, he may enthusiastically jump on your leg — “Hi!” — or sit on your foot until it is numb. Louis is a hugger, making happy snorts of bliss as he presses into you.

One more thing: Louis hates adoption shows! One show visitor accidentally kicked him, so now Louis worries and get more nervous as each stranger comes up to him. In fact, Louis’ ears go from light pink to raspberry as adoption shows progress. Yes, his ears are barometers of his stress level! So when visiting with Louis at a show, people learn it’s best not to interact directly but to watch how loving he is with his volunteer friends. (Louis’ affection will be the same for his new person in his new home.)

What is Louis’ wish list for his future home? Louis wants to be the only pet and to live in a house with a fenced yard. And it would be best that his new family – one person or more – is all-adult and low-key.

It is sad that Louis’ life has been topsy-turvy for so long. While Louis is not an easy dog, he aims to please and is intensely loyal. Think of Louis as a misunderstood clown with a big, broken heart. He is waiting for a patient friend with a sense of humor…you? Write us at dawg@dawg-rescue.org for more information.

To see Louis on YouTube, click the following link: https://youtu.be/I_hxxaHnjBI

Find out for yourself by asking about Louis and if he’ll be at an upcoming show!



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