Within 24 hours of leaving a local shelter, Luther went to his first adoption show. He was very excited and confused, but visitors of all ages couldn’t resist him.

What a personality!  Luther draws you in with his goofy charm. Like most Dobermans, Luther’s a ham. Plus he has the standard command routine down pat. “Sit!” No problem. “Down!” Hey, too easy. “Shake!” Which paw? (Note, Luther is left-pawed but he’ll do whatever you want.) Then he spotted our petite Sarah Jane. He was instantly in love. We think he had a good time!

Please note that Luther is a lover-boy, but he isn’t a good choice for homes with cats.

Luther’s arrival at our animal hospital. He knew he was starting something safe and filled with good things:

To see Luther on YouTube, click the following link: (Luther on the Deck)


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