Marble was given up at only 11 months of age because his people were moving. He lived with a smaller dog and kids, although he was a bit fearful of the kids.

As for Marble today, he bonds very quickly and falls over in bliss when you talk to him. Marble adores being held upside down in your lap like a baby. His eyes roll back and he wears a slap-happy grin on his face. Goofy guy!

Although Marble is simply adorable, he doesn’t show his best side at adoption shows. He seems fearful of some people and barks at dogs. Then he looks at you with that grin of his, and you know he’s thinking, “Heh, heh, got rid of the bad guys!” No, Marble, you just turned off potential adopters!

People who have been around Chihuahuas know how that breed seems to manifest “little dog syndrome” more often than not, i.e., all bluff, but with a lot of love waiting to be discovered.

We think Marble would do best in a quiet, adult home, without a lot of stimuli. Marble lives for his human, so if you need a doting friend, Marble may be the dog for you!

Gretchen and Marble with “Uncle Al,” our trainer


Gretchen loves Marble…and vice versa!


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