Raisin was given his name because his black eyes — if you can find them under his fur — look like well-placed little raisins.  When he looks at you, Raisin seems to be sizing you up, but he’s just giving you his full attention. Raisin is a people-dog! 

 Raisin is a very smart and funny little guy. He holds his own at adoption shows and is a little self-protective because frisky dogs can hurt him. Raisin is fine around other dogs as long as they don’t bother him, but we think Raisin would be happiest as an only pet.  Raisin is also adventuresome and inquisitive, which almost got him into trouble when he discovered a small gap in his foster mom’s fence. Nice try, Raisin, but we understand you’re so close to the ground that any alluring possibilities may have to be checked out.

Dachshunds have distinct personalities — like clowns who think they’re royalty?  Maybe you can come up with a better description after meeting Raisin!

To see Raisin on YouTube, click the following link: https://youtu.be/2bop0FaV7dQ


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