Poor Rambo’s prior owner didn’t think you can move with dogs! Or they didn’t bother to look for a dog-friendly home. Happens all the time, and dogs are left bewildered and sad by the abrupt disappearance of the people they love and trust. But Rambo has moved on.

Rambo is like a bubble-machine: his smile is constant, his greeting is effusive, and his kisses are abundant. His happy soul projects itself in so many ways, and there’s no stopping him in showing you he loves you! Rambo also really loves lady dogs, maybe because he was probably used as a “stud muffin” in his prior home. Ha, he’s a lady’s dog for sure.

When at an adoption show, Rambo can’t wait to ask dogs to play when they’re walking by him. A play-bow is an unmistakable invitation to party!  Rambo also keeps his eyes on the treat bin and waits until his handler is not paying attention to jump in and find something yummy…which is anything!

Rambo is a sensational dog. If you want a fun time with an irresistible fuzzy guy, be sure to inquire about Rambo!

I REALLY would like a treat, please!


For more information on Rambo, or any of the other wonderful DAWG dogs, please submit an online application. There is no obligation. Once your application is received, a DAWG volunteer will contact you.