Prior Adoptions


Adopted but never forgotten.

AaronaaronlatestCorgi/BeagleTan/WhiteM1 1/2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Abigailabigailnew1Chihuahua MixBlondeF8 mos. old8 lbs.Adopted!
AceacesecondWired Hair JRT MixWhite w/ BlackM2 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Ace acePom/PapillonBlondeM5 yrs. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Aidenaiden2Maltese MixWhiteM3 yrs. old4 lbs.Adopted!
Ajax ajaxlatest1jpgDoberman/LabRedM1 yr. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Alfalfaalfalfa1Border Terrier MixBuff/TanM18 mos. old16 lbs.Adopted
Alfiealfienew1Poodle MixCharcoal/GrayM3 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
AlialiCollie MixTriF5 yrs. old48 lbs.Adopted!
AlyssaAlyssanew1Poodle/Bichon MixWhiteF1 yr. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Amber Roseamberrose1Shih TzuBlack/WhiteF3 yrs. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Ameliaamelianew2Chihuahua/Rat TerrierTriF4 yrs. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Amyamy2PoodleApricotF10 mos. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Andyandyhoundmix3Weimaraner/Hound MixBlack/TanM10 mos. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Angelangelpuplatest3Retriever/Lab MixWhite/BrownF4 1/2 mos. old23 lbs.Adopted!
Angel Eyes angeleyes1Poodle MixGrey/SilverF7 mos. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Angieangie21Retriever/HoundRedF1 1/2 yrs. old57 lbs.Adopted!
AngusangusaddRetriever/Newfie MixBlackM12 wks. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Annabelle annabellelatest3Shep HoundTriF5 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Annie anniewnew1Boxer/Shep MixTanF1 1/2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
ArnoldarnoldDoberman MixBlack/TanM8 mos. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Arrowarrow2BeagleTriM4 yrs. old24 lbs.Adopted!     
AshtonashtonLab MixBeigeF9 mos. old47 lbs.Adopted!
Astridastrid1CollieGoldenF1 yr.35 lbs.Adopted!
Atticusatticuslatest3FoxhoundTriM2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Austinaustinpoodlemix2Poodle/Lhasa MixCreamM7 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Austinaustin1Lab MixBlack w/ WhiteM1 yr. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Avaavalatest2Malti-PooWhiteF1 yr. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Axelaxelnew2Malti-PooWhiteM1 1/2 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
BabebabelatestShep/Chow MixGoldenF5 yrs. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Bagelbagellatest2BeagleBrown/WhiteF1 1/2 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Baileybaileypuppylatest1Retriever/Lab MixTriF8 wks. old6.2 lbs.Adopted!
Banditbandit1Poodle MixWhiteM2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Baronbaronlatest2DobermanBlack w/ RedM4 1/2 yrs. old46 lbs. Adopted!
Beamerbeamernew1Retriever/Lab MixBlack/BrownM12 wks. old16 lbs.Adopted!
Beanie bublblesandbeanielatestBeagleTriF3 yrs. old20 lbs. Adopted!
Beaniebeanienew1Retriever/Lab MixWhite/TanF8 wks. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Beansbeansinfoster3Collie/Shep MixBrown/BlackM10 mos. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Bear bearmix2Chihuahua/Pug Blonde M4 1/2 yrs. old 18 lbs. Adopted!
Bear BoybearboyBeagle MixTriM1 yr. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Beccabeccanew1Beagle MixTriF2 yrs. old23 lbs.Adopted!
Bellabellanew2Spaniel mixBlackF7 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Bellabellabunnylatest1Sheltie/Beagle MixTriF3 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Benben3Golden Ret. MixGoldenM11 mos. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Bensonbensonlatest3PoodleApricotM9 mos. old7 lbs.Adopted!
BentleybentleynewPomeranianChocolateM4 yrs. old7 1/2 lbs.Adopted!
Berniebernienew2St. BernardTriM3 yrs. old128 lbs.Adopted!
Bingbing1Chihuahua MixWhite/BrownM1 yr. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Bingobingo1BeagleTriM3 yrs. old22 lbs.Adopted!
BinkybinkyYorkie MixMedium BlondeF3 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Birdiebirdie2ChihuahuaBlondeF2.5 yrs, old5 lbs.Adopted!
BiscuitBiscuit1shihtzuShih Tzu MixCream/WhiteM11 mos. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Blakeblakenew3Shep MixBrownM7 mos. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Blakeblake1Retriever MixGold/BlackM1 yr. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Blizzardblizzardnew2American EskimoWhiteM3 yrs. old32 lbs.Adopted!
BlossomblossomlatestRetriever MixBrownF2 yrs. old38 lbs.Adopted!
BlossomblossomjapchinJapanese ChinBlack/WhiteF3 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Bobonew1Am Bulldog MixWhite/BrownM1 1/2 yrs. old49 lbs.Adopted!
Bojanglesbojangle2Terrier MixWhiteM2 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!
Boo Boobooboo1Gordon Setter MixBlack/BrownM4 1/2 mos. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Boomerboomerlatest3Papillon/SheltieBlack and WhiteM1 yr. old21 lbs. Adopted!
BozRetriever MixBlack w/ WhiteM3 yrs.40 lbs.Adopted!
Bradleybradleynew1Golden Ret. MixGoldenM1 yr. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Bradybradylatest2BeagleTan/WhiteM3 yrs. old23 lbs.Adopted!
Brandybrandy1latestmixCollie Mix Black/Brown F6 yrs. old 68 lbs. Adopted!
Brandybrandycolliemix1Collie MixBlack/TanF4 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Brandybrandy1Golden Retriever mixGoldF8 mos. old27 lbs.Adopted!
Brendabrendanew1Sheltie/Beagle MixTriF1 yr. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Brendanbrendanlatest4Boxer/Hound Mix Brindle/WhiteM4 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Brewster brewsterlatestBeagleBlue-tickM4 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Brewster (No image)Peke/Long Haired DachshundBrownM2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Breyerbreyer1LabYellowM5 yrs. old90 lbs.Adopted!
Brodybrody3Doberman Mix Red/TanM1 1/2 yrs. old33 lbs.Adopted!
BroganbroganonbedLab/Hound MixTan/WhiteM3 yrs. old49 lbs.Adopted!
BrookebrookepuppynewRetriever/Lab MixRed BrindleF12 wks. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Brucebrucelatest3Newfie/Chow MixRedM1 yr. old75 lbs.Adopted!
Brunobrunonew1Collie/Shep MixBlack and TanM11 mos. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Brutusbrutusnew1Retriever/Lab MixWhite/BlackM12 wks. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Bubbles bublblesandbeanielatestBeagleTriF4 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Buddybuddylatest1Lab/Shep MixBrownM4 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Buddybuddynew1Lab MixYellowM4 mos. old24 lbs.Adopted!
Buddybuddy2BeagleTriM2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
BumblebumblenewShih TzuSableM1 1/2 yrs. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Bunny bunny1Retriever MixWhiteF12 wks.20 lbs.Adopted!
Buster busterlatest1BeagleTriM6 1/2 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Buster BrownbusterbrownBoxer Mix Brown/BlackM13 wks. old20 lbs.Adopted!
ButterButter1Lab MixYellowM2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Buttercup (meow)buttercupcat2DSHOrange/WhiteF5 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
ButtonsButtons1Cavalier King Charles Spaniel MixTriM4 mos. old11 lbs.Adopted!
ButtonsbuttonsBichonWhiteM1 yr. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Byronbyronnew1Shep MixTanM9 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
CalCALLab Pointer MixBlack/WhiteM3 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Camcam2BoxerBrindleM4 mos. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Candycandylatest3Aust. Shep/Lab MixWhite w/ TanF2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Carly carlylatestShep MixTriF3 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
CarrieCarrie_Aug_24_2012_019PoodleWhiteF1 yr. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Cartercarter1PBGVTriM2 yrs. old37 lbs.Adopted!
CaseycaseylatestLab/Beagle MixBlack w/ WhiteF6 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Cassiecassienew1Tibetan Terrier MixApricot/WhiteF10 mos. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Carsoncarson1Lab MixWhite/BrownM1 yr. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Casiecasie1Shih TzuSilver/BlackM1 1/2 yrs. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Caesarcaeserlatest1Lab MixYellowM2 1/2 yrs. old54 lbs.Adopted!
CeeCeeceeceeYorkieSilver/TanF4 yrs.9.5 lbs. Adopted!
Cesarcesar2ChihuahuaTan w/ BlackM5 yrs. old6 lbs.Adopted!
Champchampnew1Rhod. Ridgeback/Shep MixBrown/WhiteM3 yrs. old52 lbs.Adopted!
ChanceChanceLab MixBlackF4 1/2 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Charleycharley2Labrador RetrieverBlackM7 1/2 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Charlie charlielatestShep MixBlackM7 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Charlie Brown charliebrownlatest2Shep MixTan w/BlackM6 yrs. old46 lbs.Adopted!
CharlotteCharlottenewWire Haired DachshundBlack/GrayF1 1/2 yrs. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Charlotte Rosecharlotterose2Chihuahua Tan/WhiteF10 yrs. old6 lbs.Adopted!
Charmcharrm2Shihtzu/PoodleWhite/BlackF8 mos. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Cheetocheetolatest2Shep/Beagle MixBlack and BrownM2 yrs. old40 lbs. Adopted!
Cherchernew1LabradorYellowF4 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
CheyennecheyennenewHusky MixRed and TanM2 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Chesterchester1Golden Retriever MixGoldM1 1/2 yrs. old61 lbs.Adopted!
Chi-Chichichi2ChihuahuaRed/WhiteF7 yrs. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Chipchipnew2Collie MixTriM1 yr. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Chloechloeslatest2LabBlackF6 yrs. old60 lbs. Adopted!
ChucklechucklenewChihuahua Tan/WhiteM6 mos. old4 lbs.Adopted!
Cinnamoncopyofcinnamonlatest2Retriever MixTan/BlackF5 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
CinnamoncinnamonlatestPoodle MixWhite w/ BeigeF7 yrs. old21 lbs.Adopted!
Cinnamon ToastcinnamontoastnewChiweenieTan/WhiteF3.5 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Cindycindy1Retriever MixBlackF4 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Cinnycinny1Collie/Shep MixTan w/ BlackF6 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Circecirce1Labrador RetrieverBlackF2 yrs. old59 lbs.Adopted!
ClaireclaireJack Russell TerrierBrown/WhiteF2.5 yrs. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Clancyclancylatest1Flat Ct Retr MixBlack/Brown (Brindle)M10 mos. old36 lbs.Adopted!
Cleocleolabpointer2Lab/Pointer MixBlack/WhiteF1 yr. old51 lbs.Adopted!
Clydeclydelabmix2Lab MixBrownM1 1/2 yrs. old28 lbs. (thin)Adopted!
CoCococolatest4Toy PoodleChocolateF4 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
CoCococonew1Shep/ChowTanM2 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Cocoa cocoaGolden Ret.Lt. AuburnF1 1/2 yrs. old80 lbs.Adopted!
Colbycolby1CockapooBlackM5 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Colecolenew1Flat Coat Retriever MixBlackM1 yr. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Colin (meow)colincatnewDSH White/GrayM3.5 mos. old4 lbs.Adopted!
Colleencolleen2Min PoodleApricotF1 1/2 yrs. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Cometcometlatest1Shepherd/Lab MixBlack w/ WhiteM4 yrs old60 lbs.Adopted!
Cookiecookiedec13firstShep MixBrown and BlackF1 yr. old35 lbs.Adopted!
CoopercooperBeagleTriM4 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!
CoreycorylatestPoodle MixWhiteM1 yr. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Crissycrissylatest3American Eskimo Mix WhiteF1 1/2 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
CrystalcrystalSheltie MixTriF1 1/2 yrs. 35 lbs.Adopted!
Crystal and Flashcrystalandflashnew1Boston TerriersBlack & WhiteM & F4 & 2 yr. olds13 lbs.Adopted!
Cuddles cuddlesGold. Ret. MixGoldenF9 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Cupcake cupcakenew2CockapooWhiteF2 yrs. old11 lbs. Adopted!
Cyruscyruslatest2FoxhoundLemon/CremeM2 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Daisydaisycorgmix1Shepherd/Corgi MixTan/GrayF6 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
DaisydaisyLab Mix YellowF3 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Daisy Mae daisymaelatestShep/Hound MixGoldenF3 yrs. old47 lbs. Adopted!
Daisy SuedaisysueBeagleTriF2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Dakotadakotanew1Shiba Inu MixTanF8 mos. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Dalton daltonlatestDoberman MixBlack/TanM6 mos. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Dandeliondandelionnew1Terrier/Long-Haired ChihuahuaTanF1 yr, old7 lbs.Adopted!
Dandiedandienew1YorkipooGray/WhiteM8 mos. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Darcydarcynew2English BulldogBrindle/WhiteF1 yr. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Darladarlanew2BeagleTriF11 mos. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Dawndawnnew1Golden/Shep MixRed/GoldenF5 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Daytonadaytona2Doberman MixBlack and TanF6 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
DelaneyDelaneyRetriever/BeagleRedF1.25 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Demideminew2Bichon/Poodle MixWhiteF2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Denzel denzelnew1DobermanBlack/TanM1 yr. old66 lbs.Adopted!
Denverdenverlatest2Shep MixTriM2 yrs. old31 lbs.Adopted!
DeweydeweylatestBeagleTriM7 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Diamonddiamond1Collie MixTriF5 yrs. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Diesel dieselnew4BeagleTriM1 yr. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Dillondillon1Lab/DobermanBlackF2 1/2 yrs. old54 lbs.Adopted!
Dinadinanew1Smooth Collie MixTan/WhiteF6 mos. old38 lbs.Adopted!
DixonDixonMastiff/Bassett MixTanM3 yrs. old54 lbs.Adopted!
Dollydollylatest1Bassett MixWhite & BrownF2 1/2 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Doodledoodlenew1YorkipooBlackM8 mos. old14 lbs.Adopted!
DoradoraRetriever MixBlondeF10 wks. old12 lbs.Adopted!
DuchessduchessaddLabBlackF1 1/2 yrs.45 lbs.Adopted!
DuncanduncanlatestCollieWhite w/ SableM9 mos. old46 lbs.Adopted!
Duganduganlatest2LabradorYellowM3 yrs. old75 lbs.Adopted!
Dukedukenew2Great Dane LabCream/WhiteM1 1/2 yrs. old66 lbs.Adopted!
DulcedulcenewgridYorkie/PoodleGray/BlackM5 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Dylandylannew2Corgi/Lab MixTanM5 yrs. old24 lbs.Adopted!
Effieeffie2DSH Kitten (meow)Black/WhiteF18 wks. 5 lbs.Adopted!
Elf019DSH Kitten (meow)Black/WhiteF18 wks.5 lbs.Adopted!
Elfelf1Chihuahua/YorkieTan/WhiteM1 yr. old3 lbs.Adopted!
EllieellielatestPit bullFawn/WhiteF6 mos. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Elliottelliott2Boston TerrierBlack/WhiteM1 yr. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Eloiseeloiseadd3Doberman MixBlack/BrownF1 yr. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Elizabeth  (meow)elizabethcat1DSH KittenOrange/Buff TabbyF18 wks old.4 lbs.Adopted!
Eltonelton2King Charles Cavalier SpanielRedM3 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
EmilyboxeremilyBoxerFawnF1 yr. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Emoryemorynew2Field Spaniel RedM5 yrs. old48 lbs. Adopted!
Emmaemma1Lab MixBlackF2 yrs. old57 lbs.Adopted!
Emmetemmet1BeagleWhite/BrownM4 yrs. oldStarvedAdopted!
FaithfaithlatestGerman ShepWhiteF1 1/2 yrs. old55 lbs. Adopted!
FancyfancyLong Haired ChihuahuaBlue MerleF5 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Figgiefiggie1YorkieTriM6 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Flashflashnew1LabChocolateM2 yrs. old99 lbs.Adopted!
FlashflashhappyGolden/Blood-houndGoldenM2 yrs. old50 lbs.  Adopted!
Fluffyfluffynew1Spaniel MixBlack/TanF1 yr. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Florafloralatest1Retriever MixBlondeF7 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Fosterfosterdobie1DobermanBlack/RedM6 yrs. old85 lbs.Adopted!
Foxy AnniefoxyannieSheltie MixRedF5 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Franciefrancie1BeagleTriF5 yrs. old27 lbs.Adopted!
Frankie frankienewLab/Ridgeback MixRed/BrownM7 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Franklin franklinlatest2FoxhoundTriM2 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
FrasierFrasier3Labrador Retriever YellowM1 yr. old 59 lbs.Adopted!
Freddiefreddie1Flat Coat Ret MixBlackM6 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Fridayfridaylatest4Doberman MixBlack/TanM1 yr. old 35 lbs.Adopted!
Gadgetgadgetnew2Shih Tzu MixGrey/WhiteM3 mos. old13 lbs.Adopted!
GavinGavinlates1Samoyed/Husky WhiteM4 1/2 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Georgegeorgenew1adoptedBassett HoundTriM6 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Georgegeorgeadd1Smooth Collie MixTan/WhiteM1 yr. old48 lbs.Adopted!
GeorgiaGeorgia1Chihuahua Black/TanF4 yrs. old4 lbsAdopted!
GidgetGidget010Shih Tzu MixBrown/WhiteF3 mos. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Gillisgillisnew1DobermanBlack/TanM1 yr. old80 lbs.Adopted!
GingerginernewDachshund Mix (Wire Hair)Red/BlackF12 wks. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Girly Girlgirlygirlnew1Lab/Beagle MixBlack w/ WhiteF10 mos. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Gizzigizzi1Shih Tzu Mix Tan/WhiteM1 yr. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Gomez (meow)gomezcatDSH KittenSilver Tabby w/ WhiteM11 weeks. old3 lbs.Adopted!
Graciegracie1Maltese/Shih Tzu MixWhiteF11 mos. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Gracegracecat1DSH kittenOrange/Buff/White TabbyF5 mos. old5 lbs.Adopted!
GracieGracienewAustralian Shep MixBrindle/WhiteF9 mos. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Greeleygreeley1DobermanBlack/TanM1 1/2 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Gretchengretchennew1Pekinese MixBlack/Brown MerleF4 yrs. old11 lbs.Adopted!
GullivergulliverGolden Ret. MixTanM4 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Gwendolyn gwendolynJack Russell TerrierWhite/TanF1 1/2 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Halhallatest1Lab MixBlackM7 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
HaneshanesaddFlat Coat Ret. MixBlackM2 1/2 yrs. old70 lbs. Adopted!
Hankhanknew1English BulldogBlack w/ TanM3 yrs. old53 lbs.Adopted!
Hannahhannahretmix1Retriever MixCreamF11 mos. old43 lbs.Adopted!
Happy happygoluckyaddShiba Inu MixTanF1 yr. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Harleyharley1Great Pyrenees MixBlondeM2 yrs. old67 lbs.Adopted!
Harveyharveynew1Flat Coated Retriever MixBlackM9 mos. old36 lbs.Adopted!
Hazelhazelnew2Lab MixBlackF2 1/2 yrs. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Hazelhazellatest1Toy PoodleWhiteF9 mos. old5 1/2 lbs.Adopted!
Heathheathnew2Retriever MixRed/WhiteM8 mos. old27 lbs.Adopted!
HeatherHeathernew1Poodle/Bichon MixWhiteF1 yr. old11 lbs.Adopted!
HenleyHenley3Germ Shep MixBlackM7 mos. old34 lbs.Adopted!
Henryhenrylatest1Golden Ret. MixGold w/ WhiteM11 mos. old43 lbs.Adopted!
Henry henrydoinggreatLab/Dobe MixBrownM2 yrs. old28 lbs.Adopted!
HobbsHobbspawupFoxhoundWhite/BrownM4 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
HollyhollylatestBeagleTriF6 yrs. old24 lbs.Adopted!
Honeyhoneynew1Golden MixHoneyF2 yrs. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Hopehopenew1Whippet/Shep MixWhite/CreamF1 1/2 yrs. old52 lbs.Adopted!
Hooverhoover1PuggleLight BrownM 1 1/2 yrs. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Howardhoward1Sharpei/Shep MixBlack/TanM1 yr. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Howiehowie2AM Bulldog MixBlack w/ WhiteM3 1/2 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Hyatthyattnew1Smooth CollieTan/WhiteM5 1/2 yrs. old63 lbs.Adopted!
Ianianlatest2PoodleWhiteM2 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!
IceicenewHusky/Terrier MixWhiteF1 1/2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Inkyinkynew1Lab MixBlackM5 mos. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Ireneirene1Yellow Lab MixYellowF3 yrs. old54 lbs.Adopted!
Ivanboxerivannew1BoxerWhite w/ BlackM2 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Ivyivy1Retriever MixChocolateF8 mos. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Jackiejackienew1Basenji mixTri F2 yrs. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Jackjackmixbottom2Shep MIxBlack/TanM3 1/2 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Jackjacknew1Pomeranian GoldM2 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Jackson jackson2Flat Coat Retriever MixBlackM-45 lbs.  Adopted!
JakejakebeagleBeagleTriM4 yrs. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Jakejakesmoothcollie2Smooth Collie MixTan/WhiteM6 mos. old47 lbs.Adopted!
Jake jake2Irish Wolfhd/Black and WhiteM6 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Jamesjames1BeagleTriM4 yrs. old29 lbs.Adopted!
JamieJamie1Spaniel MixWhite/BlackM3 yrs. old31 lbs.Adopted!
JanieJanienew2DobermanBlack/TanF4 yrs. old69 lbs.Adopted!
Jazz ManjazzmanChihuahua/DachshundBrown/Black/WhiteM3 1/2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Jeffersonjeffersonlatest4Shep/Husky MixCream/TanM2 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Jellybeanjellybean Smooth Fox Terrier Mix WhiteM10 mos.15 lbs.Adopted!
Jennajennalab1Labrador RetrieverYellowF8  mos. old41 lbs.Adopted!
Jennajenna1Lab MixBlackF10 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
JennyjennyambulldogAmerican Bulldog MixWhiteF9 mos. old31 lbs. Adopted!
Jessejessadd1Collie/RetrieverSable/WhiteM2 1/2 yrs. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Jetjet2Poodle MixBlackM14 mos. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Joeyjoeylatest1Min PoodleCreamM6 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Joeyjoey2DSH Cat!Black and WhiteM6 mos. old10 lbs.Adopted!
JoeyjoeLab MixBlackM10 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Jollyjollylatest2BichonWhiteM6 yrs. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Josiejosielatest3Terrier MixBrindle/WhiteF1 yr. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Juniejunie1Shep MixBrown/WhiteF1 yr. old45 lbs.Adopted!
JuniorjuniorJRT/Beagle MixTriM1 yr. old27 lbs.Adopted!
Juniorjuniorbeaglemix1Beagle/JRT MixTriM8 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Kadinkadin1Poodle MixApricotM2 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Katekatenew1English Toy SpanielWhite and brownF2 1/2 yrs. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Kayakayahuskymix1Husky MixRust/CreamF1 yr. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Kayakayanew2Collie MixBlondeF10 mos. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Kaylakaylanew1ChihuahuaTan/WhiteF4 1/2 yrs old.5 lbs.Adopted!
Kayleekaylessnew2American Bull DogWhite/BlackF5 yrs. old80 lbs.Adopted!
Keefer keeferlatest2American Bull DogBrown/WhiteM1 yr. old90 lbs.Adopted!
KimmiekimmieBeagleTriF3 1/2 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Kipkip1American Eskimo WhiteM2 yrs. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Kirbykirbynew1LH DachshundChocolate and RedM2 1/2 yrs. old12 lbs. Adopted!
Kisseskissesnew1Schnauzer MixBlackF5 mos. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Kittiekittiepuplatest2Retreiver/Lab MixBlack w/ WhiteF4 mos. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Kiwikiwi1Shih TzuBlack/WhiteF4 yrs. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Kookiekookie1Shep/Lab MixBrownF1 yr. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Kodiekodielatest1Golden Retriever/LabGoldM8 mos. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Kriskrislatest3Rough Coat Collie MixSableM1 1/2 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
KylekylegridpicPoodle/Maltese MixBlack M7 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Kyle kylelatestBeagle/SheltieBrown/BlackM1 yr. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Lacylacylatest3Smooth-Coat Collie MixTriF1 yr. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Lacylacynew2Flat Coat. Retriever MixBlackF11 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
LaddieladdiebestBearded Collie MixBlack w/ WhiteM2 1/2 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Ladyladybeagle1Beagle MixBlack & TanF1 1/4 yrs. old38 lbs.Adopted!
LadyladyIIInew1Poodle MixBlonde/ChocolateF6 mos. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Lady Grace ladygracelatest3Lab MixBlackF9 yrs. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Lambertlambert2Miniature PoodleApricotM2 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Lanalanaadd1Shih TzuBlack/WhiteF1 1/2 yrs. old16 lbs.Adopted!
Chihuahua Mix
Tri/BrindleF2 yrs. old12 lbs,Adopted!
Laurellaurel1Samoyed MixWhiteF2 1/2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Lancelancelatest1Lab MixYellowM2 yrs. old90 lbs.Adopted!
Leahleah1Flat Coat Retr/CollieBlackF4 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Leilaleilanew1ChihuahuaTan/WhiteF9 mos. old3.5 lbsAdopted!
Lenalena1Lab MixBlackF3 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Leo leo1Flat Coated Ret. MixBlack w/ WhiteM1 yr. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Lesleylesleynew1Blue Tick Coonhound Tri-coloredF4 yrs. old45 lbs. Adopted!
Levilevilatest1Golden/Ret MixGoldenM1 yr. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Lexi lexinewYellow Lab

WhiteF13 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Libertylibertynew1Great DaneGrey/BlackM6 mos. old67 lbs.Adopted!
Lilalilanew2Retriever mixGoldF9 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Lilililinew1Pomeranian MixTan/WhiteF1 yr. old16 lbs.Adopted!
Lilylillygreatpyrenees1Great PyreneesWhiteF1.5 yrs. old73 lbs. (under weight)Adopted!
Lilylilylatest1Retriever/Collie MixWhite/BrownF1 yr. old40 lbs.Adopted!
LincolnlincolnlatestFlat Coated RetrieverBlackM9 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
LindenlindenCockapooWhiteM2 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
LindsaylindsaylatestTerrier MixBeige/WhiteF5 yrs. old32 lbs.Adopted!
Linuslinusnew1Shep MixGoldenM2 1/2 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Lizzylizzynew1Japanese ChinBlack & WhiteF6 yrs. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Lokilokilatest3Retriever Mix Red w/BlackM2 yrs. old27 lbs.Adopted!
LolalolaShih TzuWhite/GreyF4 3/4 years old14 lbs.Adopted!
LolitalolitanewWheaton Terrier MixWhiteF2 yrs. old24 lbs.Adopted!
LollylollynewWheaton Terrier MixWhiteF2 yrs. old19 1/2 lbs.Adopted!
LotuslotusnewShih TzuWhite/TanF2 yrs. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Louielouiesheltie1Sheltie MixTriM10 wks. old6 lbs.Adopted!
Louislouisnew3French BulldogWhite/BlackM6 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Lucylucyschnauzer1Schnauzer MixGold/TanF6 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!         
Lucylucypuppyapril1Retreiver/Lab MixBlack w/ WhiteF4 mos. old23 lbs.Adopted!
Luigiluigilatest1Border Terrier MixTanM2 yrs. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Lukeluke1Wheaton Terr./Poodle MixTan/ApricotM2 yrs. old27 lbs.Adopted!
LuLu lulupitbulllatest2Pit bullWhiteF11 wks. old16 lbs.Adopted!
Lunalunaadd2BoxerBrindle/WhiteF5 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Lunaluna1Chihuahua/Dachshund MixTriF1 yr. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Lutherluther3Doberman PinscherBlack w/ TanM5.5 yrs. 75 lbs.Adopted!
Mac maclatest2PomeranianRedM1 yr. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Maciemacie1BeagleTriF5 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!
Maddiemaddielatest1HuskyRed/WhiteF5 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Maggiemaggieshepmix1Shep MixTan w/ BlackF5.5 mos. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Majormajor2Lab MixBrindleM4 mos. old25 lbsAdopted!
Majormajor1Poodle WhiteM4 yrs. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Mallorymallorynew2Flat Coated Ret. MixBlackF6 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Mamiemamie2BeagleTriM4 1/2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Mangomangomix1Papillon MixWhite/TanM11 mos. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Mandymandy1Shiba Inu MixBrownF5 mos. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Marlamarla2BeagleTriF1 yr. old17 lbs.Adopted!

ChihuahuaBrindleM3 yrs. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Martymartylatest1Shep MixBlack/TanM3 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Mattiemattienew2Carolina Dog MixCreamF5.5 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted
MaximillianMaxamillianSchnauzerGrey/TanM1 1/2 yrs. old14 lbs.Adopted!
MaximusmaximuslatestGolden/Shep MixGoldM4 yrs. old75 lbs.Adopted!
MaxxmaxxLabrador RetrieverYellowM4 yrs. old85 lbs.Adopted!

Border Collie MixBrindle/White F5 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
MeganMEGANCollieTriF6 1/2 yrs. old80 lbs. Adopted!
Meggiemeggienew1Collie/Shep MixCreamF9 mos. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Melaniemelanie1Beagle MixTriF1 yr. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Melodymelodynew1Westie MixWhiteF10 mos. old18 lbs.Adopted!
Mercymercynew2Skye TerrierTan and WhiteF4 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!
MickeymickeynewCockapooWhiteM1 1/2 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Midnightmidnightlatest1Lab MixBlackF1 yr. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Midnightmidnightnew1Terrier MixBlack/TanM3 1/2 yrs. old30 lbs.Adopted!
MilesmilesnewShih TzuGrey and WhiteM1 1/2 yrs. old16 lbs.Adopted!
Miley miley2Sheltie/MixTriF8 mos. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Milomilonew3Golden Ret. MixRedM10 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Milomiloshihtzu1Shih TzuWhite/GreyM4 yrs. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Mirandamirandanew2BeagleTriF2 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Miss Mileymissmiley1Shih TzuWhite/BrownF1 1/2 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Missymissy1Golden Retriever/ Cocker MixGold/CreamF4 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
MissymissyaddBassett MixWhite w/ BrownF2 yrs. old32 lbs.Adopted!
MistymistyheadshotShep MixTan/GrayF1 yr.23 lbs.Adopted!
Mitzi mitzi2Chihuahua/Papillon MixBuff w/ BlackF5 yrs. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Mollymollyblatest1Sheltie MixBlack/TanF3 1/2 yrs.22 lbs.Adopted!
Mona Lisa monalisalatestKeeshond MixGray/TanF5 1/2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Mortitia  (meow)mortitiacatDSH KittenGrayF16 wks. old4 lbs.Adopted!
Moxiemoxienew1Labrador RetrieverYellowF1 yr. old53 lbs.Adopted!
Mr. Rogersmrrogers1BeagleTriM5 yrs. old29 lbs.Adopted!
Mugsymugsynew1Puggle MixTanM9 mos.26 lbs. Adopted!
Munchkinmunchkinnew2ChihuahuaBlack/BrownM9 wks. old2 lbs.Adopted!
MurphymurphyLab/HoundBrownM6 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Nashnash1Cavalier King Charles MixTan/WhiteM2 1/2 yrs. old15 lbs. Adopted!
Nellienellienew1Parsons Terrier MixWhite w/ BrownF1.5 yrs old21 lbs.Adopted!
NemonemonewHusky/Collie MixTriM1 yr. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Nina ninalatest3Bluetick Coonhound MixBlack & WhiteF4 yrs. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Ninaninanew1Sheltie MixBlack w/ TanF2 yrs. old27 lbs.Adopted!
Noahnoah1Border Collie MixBlack/WhiteM3 mos. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Noranora1Lab/ShepBeige/WhiteF8 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Nuggetnuggetlatest1Chihuahua MixTan/WhiteF3 1/2 mos.5 lbs.Adopted!
Oliveroliverthirdnew1YorkieSilver/TanM5 yrs. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Oliver HardyoliverhardylatestLhasa ApsoSable w/ BlackM1 yr. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Olivia olivianew3Terrier MixWhite w/ BlackF3 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
OliverNewKid1OliverShih TzuWhite/BlondeM3 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Onyx onyxlatestRetriever MixBlackF4 yrs. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Opieopielatest3Terrier MixWhiteM1 yr. old21 lbs.Adopted!
OscaroscarpugPug Mix BrindleM3 yrs. old21 lbs.Adopted!
OrbitorbitlatestLab MixYellowM8 mos. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Oreo  (meow)
Oreo Dawg Show Aug 22 2015 046
Oreo Dawg Show Aug 22 2015 046
DSHBlack/WhiteM 10 wks. old4 lbs.Adopted!
Otisotisnew1Great Dane/Boxer MixBrown/WhiteM7 mos. old67 lbs.Adopted!
Ozzieozzenew Pug Fawn/BlackM8 yrs. old30 lbs.Adopted!
PaddiePaddie1HoundTan/WhiteF8 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Pantherpantherlatest1Retriever MixBlackM1 yr. old55 lbs.Adopted!
Parisparisjrtnew1Jack Russell Terrier MixWhite w/ BlackF4 yrs. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Patchespatches1Shep MixRed/WhiteF4 1/2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Patrickpatricknew1Husky MixWhiteM1 yr. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Patty pattylatest1Cocker Spaniel BuffF6 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Pearlpearllatest4Bulldog MixWhiteF6 yrs. old75 lbs. Adopted!
Peanutpeanutnew1Hound MixBrownF1 yr. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Pennypennybeagle1BeagleTriF4 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Penny pennynew1PomeranianTan/WhiteF7 yrs. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Pennypenny1BoxerTriF7 mos. old35 lbs.Adopted!
PepperpepperPointer MixWhite w/ BlackF5 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Pepsipepsinew1Lab/Beagle MixBrown/WhiteM6 1/2 yrs. old47 lbs.Adopted!
Peteypetey2AffenpinscherBlack w/ WhiteM2 yrs. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Peteypeteylatest2ChihuahuaTriM4 yrs. old8.6 lbs.Adopted!
PhoenixPhoenixLab/Shep MixGoldenM4 yrs. old38 lbs.Adopted!
PicklespickleslatestTerrier mix Black/Red/White M2 yrs. old13 lbs.Adopted!
PiercepiercePoodleChocolateM7 mos. old13 lbs. Adopted!
Piperpiper2Papillion MixWhite/BrownF2 yrs. 9 lbs.Adopted!
Pippapippanew2English Toy SpanielBlack and BrownF1 1/2 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Pippinpippinterrier1newTerrier MixCream/GrayM1 yr.9.5 lbsAdopted!
PippinpippinlatestPoodleBlackM1 yr. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Plutopluto1Lab MixBlackM1yr. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Poet poetMin PoodleBlackM1 yr. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Pogopogonew2Pug MixBrownM4 yrs. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Polopolonew2Golden RetrieverBlondeM2 yrs. old87 lbs. Adopted!
Polopolonew3Retriever MixRed/TanM12 wks. old29 lbs.Adopted!
Popcornpopcornnew1ChihuahuaCream/YellowF3 yrs. old4.2 lbs.Adopted!
Poppy poppylatest1Corgi/Shep MixBlack/TanF3 yrs. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Portiaportialatest1Retriever/Hound Mix RedF2 yrs. old21 lbs.Adopted!
Preciouspreciousnew2Sheltie MixTan/BlackF2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Precious preciouslatest1PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen)Brown/WhiteF9 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Princeprince1Wheaten Terrier MixWhite w/ TanM10 mos. old24 lbs.Adopted!
PrinceprinceoldCollie MixBrown w/ Black & WhiteM10 1/2 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Princess princessnew2Lhasa Apso MixWhiteF11 mos. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Princessaprincessanew2American EskimoWhiteF8 mos. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Princess ChiChibuprincesschichibu1Jap Chin.Black/WhiteF4 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
Pringlepringlelatest1Shih TzuBlack/WhiteM1 yr. old15 lbs.Adopted!
PriscillapriscillanewShih TzuTan and WhiteF1 1/2 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Puff  pufflatest2Lab/Corgi MixBlondeF2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Pugsley (meow)pugsleycatDSH KittenGray Tabby w/WhiteM16 wks. old4 lbs.Adopted!
Pupcakepupcake1Shih TzuWhite/TanM4 yrs. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Puppy puppylatest2Husky Am BulldogGrey/WhiteF2 1/2 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Quackerquackerlatest1Retriever MixRedM9 mos. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Quinnquinn3Nova Scotia Duck Trolling RetrieverGoldM1 yr. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Quincyquincynew2Lab/Shiba Inu MixYellowM1 yr old.35 lbs.Adopted!
Ramborambonew1Pug Mix Tan/Black M 3 yrs. old 25 lbs. Adopted!
Rangerranger2Brussels Griffon MixGrey/WhiteM2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Rascal rascallatest3Pit bullRedM6 mos. old28 lbs. Adopted!

Dachshund Mix BlackM4 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Razzrazznew1English BulldogBrown/WhiteM3 yrs. old51 lbs.Adopted!
Reecereecenew1 Lab MixBlackM3 yrs. old54 lbs.Adopted!
ReesereesenewBeagleTriF1 yr. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Rennierennie1Smooth CollieWhite/GoldenM9 mos. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Rennierenniecolliemix1Collie MixTan/WhiteM7.5 yrs. old48 lbs.Adopted!
Rexrex1Collie/Shep MixTan/BlackM6 yrs. old53 lbs.Adopted!
Rexrexnew1Terrier MixWhite/ApricotM3 1/2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Rhapsodyrhapsodynew1Yorkie MixTan/BlackF4 1/2 yrs. old9 lbs.Adopted!
RiarialatestBeagleTriF3 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
RickirickiCocker SpanielRedM9 mos. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Riggsriggslatest1ChihuahuaTanM1 yr. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Rileyrileynew1SheltieTriF1 yr. old19 lbs.Adopted!
RipleyripleylatestHusky MixWhite/Brown/BlackM3 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Robbierobbiepuppynew1Retreiver/American Bull Dog/LabRed BrindleM9 wks. old9 lbs.Adopted!
Robbyrobby1Pomeranian MixBlonde/BrownM5 yrs. old 26 lbs.Adopted!
RockyrockylatestChocolate Lab MixBrownM5 1/2 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
Rockyrockyadd1Whippet MixBrindle w/ whiteM1 yr. old21 lbs.Adopted!
Rosarosanew1Labrador RetrieverBlackF8 yrs. old85 lbs.Adopted!
Roscoeroscoe1Boxer/ShepTan/Black/WhiteM1 yr. old56 lbs.Adopted!
RosemaryrosemarycloseupBeagle MixWhite/TanF2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
RosierosiepuppylatestRetreiver/American Bull Dog/LabRed BrindleF4 mos. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Rosie rosielatest2BeagleTriF2 1/2 yrs. old20 lbs.Adopted!
Rougarrougarnew1DachshundRedM6 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Roxanneroxannesheltiemix1Sheltie MixTriF2 yrs. old21 lbs.Adopted!
RoxieroxielatestPug MixWhite/TanF2 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!
Roxyroxy1Corgi/Beagle MixTanF1 yr. old26 lbs. Adopted!
Rudyrudolph1ChihuahuaBlackM2 1/2 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Rufflesruffleslatest1Shih TzuBlackF3 yrs. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Rustyrustylatest2Shep MixBuff and BlackM4 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Sabrina sabrinalatest1Shep MixBlack/TanF6 yrs. old60 lbs. Adopted!
SadiesadielatestChihuahuaTanF6 yrs. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Sakisakilatest1Chi MixTanM10 yrs. old16 lbs.Adopted!
Sam Adamssamadamsnew1Golden Ret. MixGoldM6 mos.40 lbs.Adopted!
Samantha samanthanewSmooth Collie MixWhite w/ TanF1 yr. old40 lbs.Adopted!
SamsonsamsonlatestChihuahuaTan w/ BlackM9 yrs. old3 lbs.Adopted!
Sandy sandylatestShep MixTanF5 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Sarah Janesarahjanenew2
Sheltie Mix White and BlackF3 yrs. 26 lbs.Adopted!
Sarah Katesarahkatelatest1Golden Ret. MixGoldF8 mos. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Sara Lee saralee2Beagle MixBrindle/WhiteF1 1/2 yr. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Sashasasha2Old English BulldogWhite w/ BrownF3 1/4 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Sasha (meow)sashacat1DSH Blue Cream Gray/WhiteF11 mos. old6 1/2 lbs.Adopted!
Sashasashapupnew1Wire-Haired Fox Terrier MixTriF3.5 yrs. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Serenityserenitylatest3Shep MixTan w/ BlackF1 yr. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Shebashebalatest2Shep/Sheba MixTriF7 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
ShebashebaShiba Inu MixTan/CreamF1 yr. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Sheenasheenalatest5Lab MixYellowF1 yr. old22 lbs.Adopted!
Shelby shelbylates3Corgi/Collie MixTan/WhiteF6 mos. old19 lbs.Adopted!
Shelleyshelley1Golden Ret. MixRed w/ whiteF3 mos. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Shermanshermannew1Maltese MixBlondeM2 yrs. old13 lbs.Adopted!
Shutterflyshutterfly1English Toy Spaniel Black/brownM2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Simbasimbanew1Lab/HuskyCreamM9 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Simon simonlatest1Shep MixBrown w/ BlackM2 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
Skyskyminipoodle2Miniature PoodleWhiteF1 yr. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Skyeskyenew1Lab MixYellowF6 mos. old25 lbs.Adopted!
SmudgesmudgenewChihuahuaChoc/TanF4 yrs. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Snickerssnickers1Schnauzer MixGrey/Brown6 yrs. old14 lbs. Adopted!
Snoopysnoopynew1BeagleTriM1 1/2 yrs. old21 lbs.Adopted!
Snowball snowballCockapooWhiteM1 1/2 yrs. old18 lbs.Adopted!
Solomonsolomonnew1Dachshund Mix Black w/WhiteM5 yrs. old9 lbs. Adopted!
Sparklesparkle1BeagleTriF7 yrs. old30 lbs.Adopted!
Sparkysparkylatest2Rough Collie MixTriM6 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Sparrowsparrow2ChihuahuaBlondeF2.5 yrs. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Spenserspencer1Shiba Inu MixTan w/ BlackM1 yr. old32 lbs.Adopted!
Spicyspicey1ChihuahuaBlue FawnM9 yrs. old3 lbs.Adopted!
Spike spike2Collie/Lab MixCreamM2 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
SpritespritenewLhasa MixGray/WhiteM4 1/2 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Sproutsproutnew2Brussels Griffon MixTan/CreamM1 yr. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Spunky spunkynewWire Haired JRT MixWhite/TanM5 1/2 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Stacystacyadd2Yorkie MixBuff/GrayF7 mos. old8 lbs.Adopted!
Starstarnew1Collie MixTriF1 1/2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Steelsteelnew1Golden Ret. MixGoldenM4 yrs. old39 lbs.Adopted!
Stellastellaaddon2Wheaten Terrier MixWhiteF1 yr. old15 lbs.Adopted!
StickstickLab/Shep MixGoldenM4 yrs. old38 lbs.Adopted!
Sugarsugarnew1Lab MixYellowF2 yrs. old53 lbs.Adopted!
Sugar sugarlatestAm Bulldog MixWhite w/BlackF3 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Sugar BearsugarlatestChow Chow MixRedF2 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Summersummer2Bulldog MixWhite w/BrownF9 wks. old5 lbs.Adopted!
Sundance sundancenewLab MixBlackF7 yrs. old65 lbs.Adopted!
Sunnysunnynew1Flat Coat Retr MixBlackM11 mos. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Surfersurfer1PomeranianSable/TanM5 yrs. old9 lbs.Adopted!
SushisushilatestJapanese Chin MixBlack/WhiteM2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
SweetiesweetienewHarrier/Bassett MixWhite/BrownF5 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
SydneysydneylatestGolden Retriever MixGoldF4 yrs. old53 lbs.Adopted!
Sylviasylvianew1Yorkie MixSilver/TanF1.5 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
TaffytaffypuppylatestRetreiver/Lab MixRed BrindleF4 mos. old19 lbs.Adopted!
TalullahTalullah2Olde Engllish BulldoggeBrown/WhiteF2 yrs. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Tammytammynew3Collie MixSable/WhiteF2 yrs. old33 lbs.Adopted!
Tangotangonew1Retriever MixChocolateM6 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
TangoTangolatestChow/Lab MixRedM6 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Taratara1BeagleTriF2 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Tashatashanew1Shep MixTan w/ BlackF2 yrs. old51 lbs.Adopted!
Tatetate1Tibetan SpanielBlack/TanM4 yrs. old25 lbs.Adopted!
TaterTater1Mastiff MixBrindle/WhiteM10 wks. old17 lbs.Adopted!
TaylortaylorpoodlePoodle (Toy)Black/WhiteF11 mos. old5 lbs.Adopted!
TaylorTaylor2Rat/Terrier MixRed/WhiteM11 mos. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Teddieteddielatest1Malti-pooWhiteM1 1/2 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
TeddyteddynewShiba Inu MixGold w/ WhiteM1 yr. old25 lbs.Adopted!
Thorthornew1Retriever MixGold w/ WhiteM10 yrs. old52 lbs.Adopted!
Timtimnew1ChihuahuaTan/WhiteM7 yrs. old16 lbs.Adopted!
Tinktink2PoodleGrayF8  yrs. old4 lbs.Adopted!
Tippytippy1Rat Terrier MixTriM6 1/2 yrs. old12 lbs.Adopted!
TobytobylatestBearded Collie Mix TriM2 yrs. old31 lbs.Adopted!
Toby tobyJack Russell TerrierWhite/TanM2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Tobytobynew1Pug/Frenchie MixBrindle w/ WhiteM3 1/2 yrs. old23 lbs.Adopted!
Tonka tonkalatest2Pit bullRed/WhiteM5 mos. old32 lbs.Adopted!
Tootsietootsienew2Yorkie PooTan/SilverF2 yrs. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Tommytommynew1Spaniel MixBlackM5 yrs. old35 lbs.Adopted!
Toritorilatest6Collie/Shep MixBlackF4 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
ToTototonew1Terrier MixGrey/WhiteM1 yr. old12 lbs.Adopted!
Tramptrampnew2Poodle MixBlonde/ChocolateM6 mos. old14 lbs.Adopted!
Travistravisnew1LabYellowM2 1/2 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
TreasuretreasurePitbull MixWhite/BrindleF2 yrs. old53 lbs.Adopted!
Trevortrevornew1Chow/Lab MixBlackM2 1/2 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
TrinketTrinket1ChihuahuaBlack/TanF1 1/2 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Tristantristan1DobermanRedM10 wks. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Trudytrudylatest1JRT Rough Coat MixWhite w/ GreyF5 yrs. old10 lbs.Adopted!
TroyTroystraightlkDobermanRedM6 yrs. old60 lbs.Adopted!
TrumantrumanBeagleCream & WhiteM10 yrs. old36 lbs.Adopted!
Tucker tuckerlatestBeagleRed and WhiteM3 yrs. old 23 lbs.Adopted!
Tuckertuckernew1DachshundRedM4 1/2 yrs. old17 lbs.Adopted!
Turboturbolatest2Yorkie/JRTCreamM10 mos. old14 lbs.Adopted!
TwinkietwinkiePomeranianCreamM14 wks. old3 lbs.Adopted!
Tyketykenew1Lab/Shep MixTan/WhiteM6 mos. old45 lbs.Adopted!
Venusvenus1Maltese MixWhite/CreamF2 1/2 yrs. old11 lbs.Adopted!
Victorvictornew1Lab/Boxer MixTan w/ WhiteM2 1/2 yrs. 60 lbs.Adopted!
VikingvikinglatestNorwegian ElkhoundGrey/BlackM3 yrs. old32 lbs.Adopted!
Vixenvixennew1Lab MixWhite/BrownF1 yr. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Walterwalternew2Shep MixBlack/TanM2 yrs. old70 lbs.Adopted!
WednesdaywednesdaycatDSH KittenBrown Tabby w/ WhiteF6 mos. old6 lbs.Adopted!
WhitneyWhitney2Chow MixRedF2 yrs. old37 lbs.Adopted!
Wilburwilburnew1Lab/Bassett MixBlond/WhiteM2 1/2 yrs. 45 lbs.Adopted!
Willis willislatest1French BulldogFawnM8 mos. old23 lbs.Adopted!

Bearded Collie Mix Gray/WhiteM3 yrs. old26 lbs.Adopted!
Windywindy1Collie Shep MixTriF8 wks. old15 lbs.Adopted!
Winstonwinstonlatest1German ShepBlack/TanM4 1/2 yrs. old87 lbs.Adopted!
WolfiewolfieHound MixTan/WhiteM2 1/2 yrs. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Woody woodynewShep MixTan/BlackM10 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
WrenwrenChihuahuaBlonde/WhiteF2 yrs.8 lbs.Adopted!
YashifancyLong Haired ChihuahuaBlue MerleM5 yrs. old7 lbs.Adopted!
Yogi yogilatest2Shep MixBlonde/GrayM3 1/2 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!
Yukonyukon1Husky MixGrey/WhiteM9 mos. old40 lbs.Adopted!
Zeuszeusnew3Redbone Coonhound RedM6 yrs. old75 lbs.Adopted!
Zenazenanew2DobermanRedF9 mos. old50 lbs.Adopted!
ZoeZoeEasterBoxerFawn and WhiteF2 yrs. old50 lbs.Adopted!