Wiggles was taken to a shelter the day after Christmas. Supposedly he was a stray dog, but often people say that a dog was found to buy him time at a shelter. One theory that Wiggles ended up there may be that he helped himself to Christmas dinner when no one was looking, and a family member said he had to go for that reason. There are plenty of strange reasons people have for banishing a loving dog from their lives.

The shelter liked Wiggles so much that they did everything to hang onto him, but one day Wiggles’ time was up. Lucky for Wiggles that he had a secret admirer who raced to the shelter to save him. She now is his foster mom.

Wiggles has been a dream dog in his foster home. Wiggles settles down nicely, and provides endless laughs because he sleeps upside down, with his legs up in the air. Wiggles is a very smart boy and has great manners. So if this handsome hunk’s story and personality appeals to you, please ask about Wiggles soon!

Laps beat a phone any day for Wiggles!


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