Wilson arrived at the shelter in horrible condition. He was hopelessly matted and had to be shaved (which converted to his current “look”).  Wilson was so timid that he would panic in new situations. Today, Wilson is a lively and friendly guy who has put old fears aside. In fact, he can be absolutely silly. When Wilson is “full of beans,” it seems like he’s doing a jig when he starts on a walk. However, he does settle and is a pleasure to walk.

We would like Wilson to go to a home with a fenced yard in which he can run and play.  Wilson would be a perfect second dog in a home with another dog, i.e., they could run off their energy together.

To see Wilson on YouTube, click the following link:  https://youtu.be/r1zSAfQ65Us

For more information on Wilson, or any of the other wonderful DAWG dogs, please submit an online application. There is no obligation. Once your application is received, a DAWG volunteer will contact you.